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With more than one million users, Tembici is present in the main Brazilian capitals, in addition to Santiago, in Chile, and Buenos Aires, in Argentina. Through public and private partnerships, the bike-sharing company is leader in micromobility in Latin America, and engages people to make living in the city more efficient and pleasant, favoring a revolution in urban space. To make the brand more connected with the daily lives of the thousands of people who travel on two wheels with Tembici, the company asked Polar to design a new visual identity system capable to express the brand's desire for movement.

Inspired by the mechanics of a bicycle, the symbol has several animated expressions and is not limited to reproducing the characteristic movement of pedaling, but also allows the brand to behave in a humane way, reacting to external provocations. The typography that signs Tembici's name was designed especially for the project, and later, in a precise work by the Inari Type typographic foundry, expanded into a complete typographic family that guarantees more personality and grace to the identity.

The graphic system was designed to allow versatility and dynamism for the applications, while ensuring consistency and brand recognition. The magenta color, inherited from the previous brand visuals, brings recognition and vibrancy to Tembici’s communications, and to complete it, a secondary palette that provides different combinations was created. With synthetic and geometric shapes, the graphics occupy the compositions in a dynamic way, and according to the scale in which they are applied, they provoke dialogues between the individual, the routes and the city.



Creative Direction: Bruno Ribeiro, Lais Ikoma, Matheus Sakita, Ralph Mayer, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal Design: Bruno Ribeiro, Lais Ikoma, Matheus Sakita, Ralph Mayer, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal, Stella Bonici Motion Design: Luciana Mayume


Lara Thomazini, Loren Monteiro, Nayse Ribeiro


Magenta Agency


Mori Gothic (Pangram Pangram) Tembici Display (Inari Type)


Visual Identity Creative Direction Motion Design