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Warren is an investment brokerage and wealth management company that provides access to investments with transparency. Launched in 2017, the company underwent a brand repositioning, embodying the idea that investing should be something natural into its communication. This was the starting point for the construction of a new visual universe for Warren, which embodies the new phase of the business.

A new logo was designed, aiming to convey characteristics such as solidity and seriousness more clearly. Typographic choices, such as the double-storey "a" and the rounded 90-degree corner finishes, also contribute to the logo's maturity. The symbol, in turn, refers to the idea that investments are a journey, and that at Warren, this journey is facilitated and focused on performance. The symbol also gave rise to a system of graphics that derives from the structure of the letter "W" to support information and bring more personality to the company's communications. Highly flexible, these graphics coexist with the brand's photographic language, being able to interact with depicted objects or serve as frames for images.



Creative Direction: Bruno Ribeiro, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal Design: Ralph Mayer, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal, Satsuki Arakaki Motion design: Ronaldo Arthur Vidal, Rônatan Bica Logo Design: Ronaldo Arthur Vidal, Satsuki Arakaki


Alexandre Fontes, Fabio Safini, Lilian Faria, Rodrigo Grundig, Tito Gusmão


Warren Display & Text (Plau)


Visual Identity