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WhatsApp had the challenge to update its brand positioning. Among the intentions for the new moment, the biggest one was to transform privacy into a more human, close, constant matter. The brand sought to be perceived as a reference when it comes to privacy – in addition, it aimed to get closer to the user and position itself as a network that is a symbol of intimacy. With this mission in mind, AlmapBBDO invited Polar designers to join forces and translate the strategy into guidelines for brand communication.

As a result of this collaboration, the central concept of the new identity is defined by the idea that WhatsApp is a space where everything stays between you and yours. In this elaboration, the concept of “space” is elastic, and includes not only WhatsApp as a social network in an expanded form, but also the intimate and private space that is created between users. Visually, this concept translates into the use of rounded rectangles that, like the “balloons” exchanged in conversations within the network, are adapted to accommodate texts and photos. Other visual identity guidelines sought to maintain institutional communication consistent with the user experience in the app, such as the use of icons that refer to “emoji” throughout the text, the natural and commonplace photographic language and the monochromatic palette with different shades of green.

The project also included specific guidelines for movement in communications. As an enhancement to the modular system, animations also behave flexibly. The general rule for compositions is that, just like in chat, texts and boxes pops up in the scene from bottom to top. Interface elements were also animated, making the pieces more dynamic and increasing institutional brand recognition as an extension of the social network that connects many people around the world.



Creative Direction: André Firulo (AlmapBBDO) Design: Bruno Ribeiro, Gabriel Grossi, Lais Ikoma, Ralph Mayer, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal, Victor Yves Motion Design: Ronaldo Arthur Vidal 3D: Matheus Costa Verbal Brand Identity: Pedro Kastelic


Helvetica (Linotype)


Motion Graphics Motion Guide Design System