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Vinila Typeface in Motion

Originally created as lettering for an album cover, Vinila has developed into a superfamily of rhythmic typefaces. Designed by Flora de Carvalho and published by Plau Design, Vinila consists of a total of 48 styles, including regular and oblique styles, with varying degrees of compression and extension. The "bonus track" here is the variable version, which allows you to freely control instances of weight, width, and inclination between the extremes.

The video and animated gifs developed to promote the typographic family resonates the inspiration from the musical universe, demonstrating the possibilities created by such a versatile set of letters. Following the beat of the soundtrack, the letters move with rhythm and grace, showing the refinements of its design, such as the deep inktraps, and proving that Vinila was meant to have things move.



Graphic and Motion Design: Lais Ikoma, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal


Vinila (Flora de Carvalho, Plau)


Motion Design


Latin Design Awards (gold) 13th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial (highlight) Behance (featured in Graphic Design gallery)