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Configurações da Avenida W3 Sul em Brasília

The editorial project of "Configurações da Avenida W3 Sul em Brasília" – a master's degree dissertation dedicated to one of the most emblematic avenues of the city of Brasília, written by architect and urbanist Laura Ribeiro de Toledo Camargo – faced many challenges. One of these was the production limits, which determined the finishing touches and graphic details due to its reduced print run and short deadline.

The graphic design, inspired by the modernist city, aims to strike a balance between the contemporary and the timeless. The main goal is to make it easier to understand the author's research while respecting the standards of an academic dissertation.



Creative Direction: Ralph Mayer Graphic Project: Bruno Ribeiro Case Study Photography: Bruno Ribeiro, Matheus Sakita, Ralph Mayer


Size: 200 x 280 mm Paper: Pólen Bold 90 g/m2 Printing: Digital


Basis (Colophon) Freight Text (Darden Studio)


Book Design Graphic Project Book Layout