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OLX is a global e-commerce company that has become a major player in the national market. The brand, which became popular with the slogan "desapega” (something like “let it go"), sought the services of Interbrand to review its positioning. Interbrand, in turn, partnered with Polar for the project's visual outputs.

Seeking to be perceived more as a network of exchanges than as a space for sales, "desapega" now includes its opposite "apega” (which stands for “cling”, or “hold”) as a message to be communicated in the creative choices. The main one was typography, which features two inclinations: backslanted and italic, which are semantically attributed to "apega" and "desapega". The images of products, sometimes stepping in and sometimes leaving the scene, help reinforce the same concept.

In order to visually emphasize the idea that "OLX has everything," geometric figures can take on different shapes and functions within the system. In addition to the supporting elements that were created, the colors and brand logo were revisited and refined.

The project also included outputs aimed at modernizing the brand and making it more suitable for the digital environment. For example, a family of 50 icons was created in dialogue with the identity system. In addition, to ensure even more visual consistency, OLX received a Motion Guide with guidelines designed to accurately, expressively, and uniquely reflect its positioning in motion applications.



Design, Art Direction and Motion Design: Lais Ikoma, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal


Creative Direction: Sergio Cury Project Management: Gil Bottari Brand Strategy: Rodrigo Marques, Ivo Costa e Luana Alahmar Verbal Brand Identity: Pedro Kastelic


Fabio Haag


LL Brown (Lineto)


Art Direction Branding Iconography Motion Design Visual Identity