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Nubank's Blog

Nubank's blog stands out as one of the most popular digital channels in Brazil for financial topics. It aims to provide content that brings clarity to the world of finances, catering to users seeking insightful information in this domain. As a result of a visual identity update initiated by Pentagram, the blog, an essential digital presence channel for the bank, underwent a complete redesign led by Polar.

With the mission to demystify the complexities of the financial world, the blog underwent a comprehensive overhaul. In the redesign project, we collaborated closely with Nubank's editorial team, exploring the variety of media produced for the channel, including articles, videos, podcasts, web stories and other special formats.

To create a simple and intuitive user experience, the project drew inspiration from popular Brazilian apps, integrating common elements from these environments into the digital content platform's interface. An example is the dynamic approach to narrative content, similar to the stories on social media, facilitating the transmission of quality content without overwhelming the visual organization of the page. Continuing to embrace the Brazilian user through a familiar visual repertoire, a tag system for easy topic localization was implemented. Emphasizing a mobile-first design philosophy, the interface ensures an engaging and interactive user experience.



Creative Direction: Ralph Mayer Design: Felipe Barbosa, Ralph Mayer


Front-end Development: Atonal Studio Back-end Development: Raccoon Monks


Camila Lafratta, Guilherme Falcão, Cristina Kashima, Lorena Costa, Guilherme Blanken


Gellix (Displaay)


UI Design Design System