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NB Venture 41

World leader in research and industrialization of niobium, CBMM supplies products and technologies to customers in different sectors around the world. Focused on the development of new applications with ore and the diversification of materials, Nb Venture 41 is a company initiative dedicated to building a more sustainable future.

The visual identity should not only communicate a modern and innovative brand, but one ahead of its time. The technological and futuristic tone should permeate the design system as a whole, giving the brand an expert posture. To that end, Nb Venture 41's aesthetics makes use of abstract 3D images that reinforce the metal characteristics in different physical states. The static and animated compositions bring concepts such as performance, synergy and flexibility to the brand's communication.

Inspired by the rigidity of metals, institutional typography has striking features such as exaggerated punctuation and diacritics and a stenciled version. The number 41, present in the brand name, is the same as the element in the periodic table, which served as a premise for the design of the logo.



Creative Direction: Lais Ikoma, Ralph Mayer Design and 3D: Matheus Costa Motion Design: Rônatan Bica


SM Maxeville (Soft Machine)


Visual Identity Art Direction 3D