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Calendar, Ltda. 2023

The Calendar (Calendário, Ltda. 2023) is part of a studio tradition that began in 2018, in which annually a poster that reimagines time counting becomes a pretext for graphic experimentation. At first, the posters were designed as gifts for partners, customers and friends, and today they are also available for sale in our shop.

In 2023, the calendar is based on a tabular assembly to explore positive and negative amounts as both truthful forms of counting the days. In the header, seven columns define the days from Sunday to Saturday, and in the following 53 lines (one for each week), the dates can be read from left to right. Before each 1st, the initial of the starting month crosses the vertical line. In addition to the day of the month, the cells show the counting of past and remaining days of the year.

Aiming for high legibility in the fine prints and a certain “concretista” charm, the typographic family used is Triz, from the Brazilian foundry Typeóca, whose monospaced design calls to mind everyday printed ephemera, such as tax receipts and lottery tickets. In a much larger scale, numbers 0, 2 and 3 (from 2023) are placed over the table. Composed in Universal Sans, the characters were sliced horizontally, creating a visual rhyme with the table's lines, and bringing complexity to the ink blends that make the calendar more colorful.



Size: 420×594 mm (A2) Paper: Offset 180g / m2 Printing: Offset Colors: Pantones 806 U, 2018 U, Process Blue U, 2420 U


Triz (Typeóca) Universal Sans (Family Type)


Poster Print