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Mitsubishi Electric Trane

In collaboration with Enso, Polar worked to bring to life Mitsubishi and Trane's vision in the METUS project: transforming the presentation and sale of air conditioning products in the United States. In a context where consumers and governments prioritize cleaner, more environmentally-friendly, and intelligent solutions, the goal was to make the topic of air conditioning more appealing, while also educating builders and contractors with limited knowledge about green technologies. The products resulting from the collaboration between Mitsubishi and Trane, which feature highly efficient energy consumption technology, were designed to optimize indoor climate control, minimizing environmental impact and combining comfort with a cleaner and healthier future.

The brand's communication goes beyond exploring the pillars of technology and comfort, encompassing other dualities such as present and future, home and planet, and individual and collective. The color palette, inspired by the chromatic representation of thermal information, creates a relationship between warm and cool tones to emphasize the brand's fundamental contrasts. In addition to solid applications, the colors manifest themselves in a diffuse manner, evoking the immateriality of air. This same diffuse approach is applied to blocks reminiscent of glass, blurring the background to ensure greater clarity and legibility for text applied over images.

To reinforce the duality between inside and outside, the photographic style adopts images that portray people comfortably enjoying their indoor environments, along with depictions of nature with technological elements, creating an optimistic vision of the future. The brand's illustration language uses simple lines inspired by technical drawings, a reference that is repeated in the iconography and permeates the entire visual identity of the brand.



Creative Direction and Design: Ralph Mayer, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal Motion Design: Rônatan Bica 3D: Matheus Costa Case Study Production: Satsuki Arakaki


Amy Cheng-Tran, Brian Hardwick, Hanna Siegel, Jimmy Greenway, Kevin Liangcy, Sam Schwear, Sara Tearle, Sebastian Buck, Tiago Pereira


Denny Williams, Jason Rosenthal, Michelle Robb


Styrene A (Commercial Type)