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Dotz Motion System

Dotz is a comprehensive benefits platform that integrates features such as digital accounts, credit and debit cards, a marketplace, and a loyalty program into a single application. With a 20-year history in the market, the company decided to update its visual identity, aiming for a fresh approach to connect effectively with its audience. To achieve this, the Tátil team was responsible for the rebranding project, while Polar developed the brand's motion design system, ensuring coherence for the new identity across its dynamic applications.

The motion design system defines how visual elements of a brand move to create a dynamic identity capable of conveying its personality and values. This deliverable, which encompasses a strategic approach to motion design in movements, transitions, transformations, and interactions, is consolidated in a guide that gathers parameters and guidelines for the execution of animated brand applications. Named "motion guide," it is a resource that enables logos, typography, graphics, and icons to behave consistently and expressively, ensuring a more comprehensive and engaging digital presence.

Dotz's animations reflect a strategic approach based on pillars like empathy, vibrancy, wit, and adaptability, valuing the elements that characterize its visual identity. The brand conveys a distinctive rhythm and energy, radiating optimism in every touchpoint, and emphasizes its key message: "With Dotz, you can do more."



Creative Direction: Ronaldo Arthur Vidal Motion Design: Ronaldo Arthur Vidal, Rônatan Bica


Tátil Design


Michel Farah, Barbara Louise, Leandro Santana, Leonardo Moya, Juliana Pelegrino, Taissa Sterim


Factor A (Interval Type)


Motion Graphics Motion Design System Motion Guide