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Location is a crucial factor for many businesses. However, the challenge is how to choose the ideal spot when addresses and interest areas are constantly changing. Mapfry builds and analyzes databases to interpret these movements, directing its efforts to turn this information into Market opportunities.

The branding project for the geomarketing think tank began with urban maps and heat maps, which are central to the company's work. At Mapfry, the loading of a square grid over a heat map, generated within proprietary software, is a recurring image that characterizes day-to-day life.

This scene inspired the development of a flexible graphic system that uses coordinate thinking to divide communication spaces into rectangular areas. The areas can be demarcated by a matrix of two rows or more subtly, by the slopes between gradients that combine cool and warm colors, which directly reference heat maps. The logo complements the system by predominantly featuring straight lines in its construction, reinforcing the precision associated with a highly technological company.



Creative Direction: Lais Ikoma Design: Lais Ikoma, Luciana Mayume, Ralph Mayer, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal Motion Design: Ronaldo Arthur Vidal Case Study Photography: Ronaldo Arthur Vidal


Bruno Faiotto


Roobert (Displaay)


Visual Identity


Latin American Design Awards (silver) Behance (featured in Behance Gallery)