Project info

DiaTipo ‘19

DiaTipo is the most important Brazilian event on typography and design, bringing together typographers, calligraphers, designers, and others interested in the theme from across the country. For the 2019 edition, held in São Paulo, the visual identity was created by Passeio, while Polar was in charge of the animations used in the event and of its communication.

The interpretation of the current theme, "borders", was far from what one might expect. Instead of barriers, it focused on meeting points, and instead of limits, it explored possibilities. The system's graphic choices aimed to recreate the chaotic aesthetics of globalization, using as a reference the language adopted by TV news and advertisings from the 1970s.

The animations adhered to three rules dictated by the visual identity: appropriation, repetition, and remix. Elements of the system were reimagined to take the lead role in the videos, which adopted the 1970s inspiration to parody vignettes and to explore nostalgic finishes. The project resulted in a lineup video, some screens to be displayed on the event days, some opening vignettes for each lecturer and also some social media content.



Motion Direction and Design: Lais Ikoma, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal Motion Design: Lais Ikoma, Luciana Mayume, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal




Souvenir (ITC) Stevie Sans (Marconi Lima)


Motion Design


Latin American Design Awards (gold)