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LeVivre, which means "the act of living" in French, is an invitation to deepen our relationship with our daily life, time, and the world we live in. By combining knowledge and carefully selected ingredients, the brand develops exclusive scents very carefully, using formulas made out with top-quality sustainable essential oils.

The visual identity was designed to emphasize the natural aspect of the product composition and occupy a niche brand territory, where classic and contemporary meet in balance. Just like the products, the brand's visual should provide a high-end sensory experience where every detail is valued. Therefore, the choices that define LeVivre's aesthetics aim to translate feelings of calm and simplicity, while the finishes and materials evoke the elegance and refinement that characterize the luxury fragrance market.

The brand was launched with an initial line of four candles that provoke different sensations, such as relaxation, mental clarity, and energy elevation. Polar was involved from the beginning of the product design process, starting with the naming and verbal communication that differentiated each candle. The packaging, which was designed to be gift-worthy and reusable after consumption, shows compositions with silhouettes that represent the ingredients used in each scent. Finally, the direction of the launch photoshoot followed the same proposal to evoke sensations, where the images of the products and ingredients reflect the delicacy and sophistication of the life that LeVivre wants to inspire.



Creative Direction: Lais Ikoma Design: Lais Ikoma, Miriam Kim, Stella Bonici Illustration: Stella Bonici Ecommerce Platform Design: Miriam Kim Case Study Photography: Lais Ikoma, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal


Candles Naming and Verbal Brand Identity: Camilla Cossermelli Photography: Naira Mattia Photography Assistance: Flávio Lucas Art Direction: Larissa Infante Final Artwork: Eduardo Saraiva


Juliana Estoril


Freizeit (Polytype) GT Super (Grilli Type) Panama (The Temporary State)


Branding Art Direction Packaging Visual Identity Illustration