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2022 Calendar

This calendar is part of a studio tradition that began in 2018, in which annually a poster that reimagines time counting becomes a pretext for graphic experimentation. At first, the posters were designed as gifts for partners, customers and friends, and today they are also available for sale in our shop.

In 2022, 29,661 circles were sorted and printed in offset to compose the calendar. The days, in pink (Pantone 806 U), are informed by circles with a smaller diameter than the months, in yellow (Pantone 809 U), allowing concentric overlap and simultaneous visualization from both.

The poster was composed with Placar, a variable typography inspired by sports game scoreboards, as low-resolution lettering. All characters are constructed from a single grid of circles that vary in size to generate different weights.



Size: 420×594 mm (A2) Paper: Offset 180g / m2 Printing: Offset Colors: Pantones 806 U, 809 U, 7534 U


Placar (Polar, Ltda.)


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