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Immigrant Studio

Overcoming cultural divides and the belief that the voices that shape up the zeitgeist must come from all around the globe. It is based on these ideas that Immigrant was created, a production company founded on two continents, with offices in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and São Paulo. Seeking a borderless approach to film production, Immigrant looks beyond geography to find the best directors and collaborators around the world.

Starting from the pre-existing logo, the challenge in this project was to design a visual system capable of encompassing both the brand's digital behavior, which showcases their work, and any institutional developments. In the search for a balance between refinement and irreverence, the visual system features contrasting typefaces: Recife Display, a serif font that transposes classic elements into a contemporary editorial aesthetic, and Styrene A, a font with geometric features and affirmative proportions.

Vibrant red, the main color of the project, brings warmth to the identity, contrasting and coexisting with the bold visuals of the production company's films. To expand the brand's graphic resources, graphics derived from the logo were developed, imprinting Immigrant's provocative personality on their institutional materials.

In the digital portfolio of the production company, where its global talents are gathered, design choices focus on presenting content that varies radically in context and content in a homogeneous way, without falling into neutrality. While being affirmative, the interface design leaves room for the films to take center stage during exhibition. Interactions and animations were thought out in detail to provide a smooth navigation experience without interrupting the sense of movement that is transversal to the project.



Creative Direction: Matheus Sakita, Ralph Mayer Design: Felipe Barbosa


Web Development: Programatório Logo Design: Lucas Reis


Phie Hansen, Rodrigo Saavedra


Recife Display (Luzi Type) Styerene A (Commercial Type)


UI Design Visual Identity Design System


Behance (featured in UI/UX gallery)