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Holistix is one of the main wellness and well-being brands in Brazil. Founded in 2019, Holistix creates content and products focused on self-care and on a balanced lifestyle. Seeking to reach new audiences and to ensure coherence in its expanding product portfolio, the company realized the need for a systemic design project that would encompass both the production of digital content and packaging, with graphic assets that, when combined, simultaneously guarantee variation and consistency.

The project began with the redesign of the logo, which became more unique and user-friendly, while keeping the simplicity of the original design. However, the main challenge of the project was about the distinct applications of the identity system. Institutional communications, such as packaging and campaigns, required standardization and instant brand recognition. On the other hand, content creation required not only versatility to address different topics, but also visual impact to stand out on social media, and, above all, tools that allowed the appearance of the large amount of posts to be constantly reinvented.

To meet the needs of the two areas, a typographic palette with specific guidelines for institutional communication and content creation was organized. As a supporting element, the identity features shapes that orbit between organic and geometric, abstract and figurative. To bring even more variations to the system, the elements can assume different finishes, such as solid or gradient fill, as well as outline or blur. Along the same lines, the extensive color palette allows the brand to alternate between dozens of combinations, keeping its visual always fresh.

Finally, the identity system also included the creation of its own illustration and iconography styles. The design of the icons makes use of simplification to ensure functionality and coherence in different usage contexts. The illustrations, on the other hand, bring details that help emphasize the brand's positioning, such as the marked shadows that refer to bodies and objects bathed in sunlight and full of vitality.



Creative Direction: Matheus Sakita, Ralph Mayer Design: Estela Mendes, Matheus Sakita, Ralph Mayer, Stella Bonici Illustration: Stella Bonici Case Study Production: Lais Ikoma, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal


Naira Mattia


Isabela Serafim, Nicole Vendramini, Renata Kameda


Mabry (Colophon) Recoleta (Latinotype) Hatton (Pangram Pangram) Continua (Edition Studio)


Art Direction Creative Direction Visual Identity Illustration Iconography


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