Project info

Gui Poulain

Since 2010, when he set up his first recipe blog, designer, cook and pastry chef Gui Poulain has been sharing his recipes and affections on the internet. In 2020, with two books published and a growing number of followers on social media, he asked Polar to create a visual identity capable of supporting the growth of his personal brand, in addition to designing a new website to concentrate his recipes.

Thought of as a continuation of the language that Gui already practiced, the visual identity developed should carry traits of his personality, such as care for details, preference for handcrafting and a certain appreciation for the slow pace of things. These concepts are manifested in the identity through the meticulous design of the typography, the irregular shapes that support the construction of the pieces and the chromatic palette with slightly aged colors.

The website design, which was supposed to organize and facilitate access to the many recipes published over the years, prioritized an inviting and meticulously thought-out interface. The page has features that promote an easy and fluid user experience with the recipes, such as native measurement conversion, control over the number of servings and a guided step-by-step where each stage is explained in detail.



Creative Direction and Design: Bruno Ribeiro, Matheus Sakita, Ralph Mayer Illustrations: Stella Bonici Case Study Production: Stella Bonici, Rônatan Bica


Ariel Tonglet, Bruno Berkenbrock


Altissima (AlfaType) Halyard (Darden Studio)


Visual Identity Art Direction Website UI/UX Design