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Visor is a Brazilian creative studio that combines visual experimentation with high quality execution to give form to bold ideas. Their visual identity was designed to reflect the aesthetic care which conduct Visor's production, which stands out mainly for the 3D works.

The project began with research on two-dimensional elements capable of emphasizing Visor's specialty. As a result, the representation of the X, Y,and Z axes (height, length, and depth) with arrows, which is common in 3D modeling software, became the cornerstone of the identity system. The presence of the arrows functions as a unifying element throughout the brand's applications, sometimes positioned to highlight the axes of 3D space, sometimes demarcating margins and grids. Following this path, the symbol, which has the arrow in its counterform, reinforces the orientation of the three axes in the straight lines of its construction.

In images where the sensation of spatiality can be perceived, light is responsible for informing about the volume of objects. It was the representation of light in the image construction environment in 3D that inspired the brand's palette in shades of gray. Ranging from the lightest and closest to the light to the darkest and furthest away from it, the shades of gray confer a certain timeless elegance, and also ensure harmony in moments when the identity needs to coexist with images derived from Visor's projects. Blue enters the palette as a point of color, ensuring contrast for the set and making the identity system more unique.

The composition of the graphic pieces plays with the idea that the space to be occupied resembles the threedimensional environment in which the elements are distributed. Following this reasoning, typographic combination focuses on the coexistence between fonts, not on their mixture, so that their spaces remain demarcated and their own characteristics are preserved.



Creative Direction: Lais Ikoma Design: Lais Ikoma, Satsuki Arakaki Motion Design: Lais Ikoma


Bruno Ferreira, Matheus Cazuza, Gabriel Machado, Victor Octavio Vítor Oliani, Bruno Guterres, Caio Muranaka, Matheus Henrique, Pedro Molizane, Jehad Nasreddine


PP Fragment (PangramPangram) Tomato Grotesk (The Designers Foundry)


Identidade visual Motion Design