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Círculo 1

Círculo 1 is a workshop and motorcycle club that brings together friends, families, collectors, and aficionados of different motorcycle models, both urban and sports. In a niche marked by clichés and stereotypes of masculinity, C1 was created to become an inclusive space for all motorcycle lovers and their stories. It distances itself from the dark and unwelcoming image that brands in this segment often convey.

The visual identity is inspired by motorcycle advertisements and racing posters from the 70s and 80s, which featured the most popular vehicles among collectors. To build on this inspiration and also to distinguish from the black and white that often characterizes the world of motorcycles, the system has adopted a trio of blue, red, and yellow stripes as the main brand element.

In addition to the website and brand kit, the visual identity has been developed into some other products. From t-shirts, posters, flags, and caps, the identity adapts to offer resources that create recognition and identification of C1 among a diverse audience that shares a passion for motorcycling.



Creative Direction and Design: Lais Ikoma, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal Website: Lais Ikoma, Luciana Mayume, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal Motion Design: Lais Ikoma, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal Case Study Photography: Lais Ikoma, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal


3D Design: Lucas Mayer Verbal Brand Identity: Pedro Kastelic


GT Walsheim (Grilli Type)


Art Direction Branding Environmental Design Motion Design Photography Visual Identity Website