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Cartaz 32º Prêmio MCB

Annually, The MCB Design Prize takes place, a Brazilian award dedicated to product design. To announce it, the museum promotes a poster contest, in which the selected work also develops the award’s visual identity for the year. Among other 424 inscriptions, our poster was selected as one of the 10 finalists of the 32nd edition.

In our proposal, the bubble wrap was used as medium for the poster. It is a material that represents the current consuming habits and methods, and carries within the route from production to disposal; and also promotes a reflection about high level of industrialization and automatization.

The graphic solution was to treat the poster as an industrial object by creating a pattern from the information block, that extends through the bubble wrap roll. Then, the posters are made by cutting sections all over this roll, which creates different compositions.



Art direction and design: Lais Ikoma, Marcelo Siqueira and Ronaldo Arthur Vidal Print production: Lais Ikoma and Ronaldo Arthur Vidal Showcase photography: Lais Ikoma, Marcelo Siqueira and Ronaldo Arthur Vidal


Fakt (OurType)


Poster design Art direction