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30th MAJ

Replicating the model of the traditional art salons, Mostra de Arte da Juventude — freely translated as Youth Art Exhibition — was created in 1989 for providing visibility to the production of emerging artists, presenting a panorama of young contemporary art and offering educational activities for the audiences of Sesc.

Since the inauguration, MAJ has been established as one of the main cultural events in the countryside of São Paulo State, reaching a national scale. In 2022, the 30th edition of MAJ was even more significant, celebrating the reopening of Sesc Ribeirão Preto to the public after nearly three years of restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic. For the occasion, Polar was invited for the second time to create the visual identity of the event, in addition to developing the materials for its communication.

The optimism that marked 30th MAJ was decisive for constructing the visual narrative, giving shape to circular beams of light — a reinterpretation of the stars that defined the visual universe of the previous edition. The visual dynamics of the system works in an organized way to occupy the spaces

and allow different possibilities in the contexts of applying identification. In combination with a remarking typography, the materials prioritize light backgrounds that highlight the presence of color and the movement of shapes. Making use of transparency and juxtapostion, the color was designed to manifest itself in a luminous way, inviting the public to let themselves be invaded by it.



Creative Direction and Design: Lais Ikoma, Ralph Mayer Motion Design: Lais Ikoma, Luciana Mayume Case Study Photography: Lais Ikoma, Ronaldo Arthur Vidal


Lucas Molina, Luciana Zunfrilli, Thais Ribeiro Camarda


Isabella Matheus


Basis (Colophon Foundry) FK Screamer (Florian Karsten)


Visual Identity Exhibition Catalog Design Motion Design Expography Environmental Design