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Calendar, Ltda. 2024

The Calendar, Ltda. 2024 is part of a tradition that began in 2018, in which a yearly print offers a fresh perspective on timekeeping and serves as a pretext for graphic experimentation. In the series' seventh installment, the focus shifts from the calendar to the poster.

Each month is distinguished by a unique color. The passage of days and weeks is marked by a gradual transition in the opacity of these colors, creating a rich chromatic reference palette. To enhance its utility as a tool for graphic production consultation, reference templates for line thickness and black ink opacity levels have been added.

Emphasizing the goal of creating a lasting piece, beyond merely tracking days and months, all numerical information has been omitted. Another reason for this choice may be that the poster was printed only in March.



Size: 420×594 mm (A2) Paper: Couché 170g Printing: Offset Colors: Pantones 312 C, 906 C, 902 C, 7446 C, 122 C, Black C


Universal Sans (Family Type)


Poster Print